About Us

About Samy Innovations

Samy Innovations is an end-to-end IT solutions provider which enables our client's businesses and enterprises in Ireland to harness the power of digital technologies and continuously evolve in today’s fast-changing economy. We expert in Consultancy, IT System Strategy & Planning by advising organizations on how to best use Information Technology in achieving their business objectives. We estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer IT systems, maintenance after deploy on behalf of client organizations that are not IT-savvy. Understand clients IT challenges, identify the business needs, plan out the resources for different projects, manage clients IT project life-cycle are our expertise. Our structured projects, quality, development methodologies, platform and tools are tailored to client's unique business and technical needs.

Our Solutions

To be the digital architect that evolves businesses for the digital world by delivering a multitude of networking solutions.

At Samy Innovations, we believe that technology can vastly improve the way a business operates and take it to greater heights. That is why we are dedicated to the success of our clients, by providing end-to-end IT solutions and services to empower our clients in maximizing their business potential. We provide consulting and technical services to deploy Microsoft Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions and Security Solutions, as well as the managed services to ensure that the implementation is well-supported throughout. It is our expertise in tailoring enterprise IT solutions – from the analysis and design to implementation and support.

For more information on our solutions and services, please reach contact@samyinnovations.com

Our Team

In a fast-moving economy that is continually evolving, it pays to devote dedicated resources to stay atop of changes in IT that have an impact on how your business is run. Our Engineering and Consulting teams are constantly evaluating new technologies, adopting the solutions that have been identified to be the best-in-class, and obtaining the knowledge, training, experience and accreditation necessary to effectively deploy those solutions. We provide you with experience and expertise in implementing strategic business infrastructures that deliver shareholder value by increasing profitability, efficiencies, and business continuity.

In this world of uncertainty, we foresee future ! We consider the target audience, your current & near future requirements, and potential needs at the time of delivery. Our expertise on multiple platforms act as surety for dependability.

In this world of pink slips, we value human expertise ! We strongly believe that our employees are the biggest asset of the company which reflects in our recruitment procedure. We have a vast talent pool of cross disciplinary professionals..

In this world of improbability, we deliver guarantee ! We have done this before and we can do it again. This knowledge adds to our confidence and reflects in our endeavor to offer guaranteed services.

In this world of vast technologies, we strive on competence ! Anyone can hold to the helm when the sea is quite. We have survived fierce competition and market volatility, and have evolved only to become stronger.

In this world of contracts, we establish partnership ! Our teams consider themselves to be an extension of your organization. Our perspective is that of yours and we use it to attain new heights for your business.

Why Choose Us

Creativity & Innovation
We keep up with the design trends using creative designs. We excel customer’s expectation with innovative ideas.
We provide IT-driven business solutions based on our advanced technology and high-quality system platforms.
We expert in IT Consultancy, System Strategy & Planning to achieve the solution for all client's requirements.
Our quality management software solution provides a streamlined approach to managing your company's quality processes while ensuring compliance.